How to Recover Deleted Photos from MacBook?

Nowadays everyone loves to capture pictures of memorable moments and want to keep them forever with them. Usually people make use of laptops like MacBook Pro or Air, to store large number of photos. The photos captured using digital cameras can be easily transferred to the computer. Some of the modern digital cameras facilitate you to directly connect them to the system and transfer all photos to the MacBook. Generally the MacBook is considered as the secure electronic gadget to keep valuable pictures and other data. However, sometimes the images from the MacBook may also disappear without your awareness. Then you might think that "How to find deleted photos on MacBook?" The answer to this question is right here. The tool demonstrated here can easily restore deleted pictures from Macbook.

How to find deleted photos on MacBook is a most common question asked by the Mac users. You can certainly get an answer for this question in the form of Mac photo recovery software. This is a tool, which can help you to recover deleted photos on Macbook. It can recover all types of photo file formats, which may be deleted by user mistakes or software errors. This software can be obtained on internet and few seconds are enough to download it on your system.

Let us consider one scenario where you can get the help of this software. One day you might be transferring all the precious photos from your camera (Canon, Sony, Nikon, Kodak, etc) to MacBook. At the same time you got a call on phone, then in a hurry you might have pressed “Delete All” button and it results in deletion of all pictures from your camera. Now it might be shocking to you and you might be seeking advice for restoring all deleted photos. Then you can go through the above mentioned software and get rid of all worries. Apart from camera memory card, it can also work effectively to recover deleted photos from mobile cards. For example, you can read this article to know about deleted photo recovery from Samsung galaxy phone memory card.

Important features that help to restore deleted pictures from Macbook

  1. This software works on read-only principle
  2. It has a user-friendly GUI and simple to use
  3. Scan the drive completely to find all deleted photos
  4. It is compatible with all file systems that are used by Mac

Common scenarios for photo deletion

  1. Mistakenly emptying the MacBook Trash with valuable photos stored in it
  2. Accidentally deleting important photos while deleting other useless images
  3. Unintentionally deleting a photo from mobile phone while viewing the pictures
  4. Deleting photos from camera while saving the last captured picture, etc

No matter how the photos were deleted, you can recover deleted photos on Macbook. Mac Recovery Software can restore deleted pictures from Macbook hard drive and also other popularly used storage devices like camera memory cards, iPod, pen drive, external hard drive, etc. With the help of inbuilt recovery engine, it will identify and restore photos from external hard drive within a matter of minutes. To undelete pictures from any device, first it will be scanned by the software. The time required to scan the storage media depends on how big is the storage device. In order to restore deleted images on removable drives, you have to connect it to the MacBook or any other Mac computer, where the photo recovery software is installed. Then carefully follow all the recovery steps and finally save the recovered photos on any storage device.

How to find deleted photos on MacBook?

Step 1: First download and install photo recovery software on a different drive other than the one from which you want to recover deleted photos.

Step 2: Now run the software and click on “Recover Deleted Photos” option given in the welcome page as shown in Fig A, to recover deleted photos on Macbook.

How to Find Deleted Photos on MacBook - welcome page

Fig A: Welcome Page

Step 3: From the next Window select the Mac hard drive and then proceed with the “Next” button as shown in Fig B.

How to Find Deleted Photos on MacBook - Select Hard Drive

Fig B: Select Hard Drive

Step 4: Now wait for a few minutes till the drive scanning process is completed. After that mark the required file type you want to recover and then continue with the “Next” button as shown in Fig C.

How to Find Deleted Photos on MacBook - Select File Type

Fig C: Select File Type

Step 5: Finally you can see the list of recovered photos. You can also find the particular file in the list by typing file name, signature, etc in the search option. If you found the photos which you are looking to restore, then you can save them on any storage media by activating the product.

For Leopard (10.5) and
Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite (10.10) Users